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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  November 18, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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piece. the question -- was the opening of a twitter account yesterday the next important step in tiger's healing process? it's way too early for ts. [ alarm ringing ] ♪ good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show this admitted to its personal failings in a note posted above the microwave in the break room at the office. we're live this morning in washington, i'm glad you're up with me watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius x.m. radio. shoot me an e-mail. let me know what you're doing up this hour. or you can do what eldrick woods does and text your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for thursday, november 18. a lot going on again today including harry reid calling for a vote on don't ask, don't tell coming up here after
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thanksgiving. plus this -- women groping each other on television. it's not nearly as exciting as it sounds, but we'll show you anyway. first, let's get to the news at 5:30 a.m. here in washington, d.c. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows americans wanted changed and voted for change in the election but doubt they'll get it in the end. only 32% think the country is headed in the right direction after the midterms, 58% thinking we're on the wrong track. despite taking a shellacking in the midterms, president obama's job approval ticked up to 47%, an amazing number all things considered. the same percentage disapproving of his job as president the. when asked to give their feelings about there year's election, 61% of respondents said they have a positive reaction. which of course gave republicans control of the house. however, nearly 3/4 of americans are pessimistic the new split
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government will load to change. a majority of 52% believe congress should set policy over president obama. on specific agenda issues, americans are split right now over the bush tax cuts. 49% say tax cuts for the wealthy should be allowed to expire. 46% want them to be extended at least temporarily. and when asked to weigh in on the bipartisan deficit commission proposal laid out last week, just 25% of respondents said it's a good idea. i'd like to know how many people when called on the phone actually know the particulars of the deficit reduction proposal. if so, they're better read in than most people i know. well, nbc news is declaring write-in candidate lisa murkowski the apparent winner in the alaska senate race. this comes after a painstaking two-week count of handwritten ballots gave murkowski the solid edge over fellow republican joe miller. last night murkowski did claim victory, telling supporters that
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against the odds together they made history. >> we do the impossible immediately, miracles take a little longer. tonight after eight weeks, i think we can say our miracle is here. our miracle is here. [ applause ] >> murkowski went on to quote her mentor, the late senator ted stevens, on when she plans to do over the next years. >> there's no turning back. there's no looking back. and what a wild, wild two months that has been. but what held me, what kept my course -- and lily, this takes it back to your dad -- ted's motto was to hell with politics, let's just do what's right for alaska. and that's what we did. [ applause ] >> that's what we did. >> and did he ever. despite all that celebrating, joe miller says he has no plans to concede. he argues the race is far from over. in an interview with fox news, miller said his campaign is
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looking to investigate the state's voting machines and possibly request a recount. >> we may actually ask for a hand count of our ballots, as well. that was the benefit that she got. we'll probably ask for that, as well. we are going to ensure that we maintain our position that the integrity of the vote matters, and especially these military votes matter. we want to make sure, like i said earlier, that those ballots went out. >> still, the election commission is expected to certify the results in a week or so. murkowski would be the first write-in candidate to win election to the senate since south carolina's strom thurmond did it in 1954. over in the house, democrats have voted to make nancy pelosi minority leader in the new congress. despite the party's landslide defeat in the midterms. pelosi beat out conservative democrat heath shuler of north carolina, who had been arguing over the last couple of weeks that policey had alienated shorts -- pelosi had alienated voters and had become a liability for democrats going forward. after the vote, the outgoing
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speaker said she is willing to work with republicans. >> the message we received from the american people is that they want a job. they want jobs. 9.5% unemployment is a very tough screen to get through with any other message. i would say to the american people we extend the hand of friendship to the republicans. we look forward to hearing their ideas on job creation and deficit reduction. >> nbc's luke russert also caught up with pelosi to ask her about her rather dismal approval ratings. >> madam speaker, over 60 house democrats lost this cycle. your positive ratings in the poll stands at 8% y. are you the best person to lead the democrats? >> let me put that in perspective. how would your ratings be if $75 million were spent against you? because i'm an effective leader, because we got the job done on health care and wall street reform and consumer protects,
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the list goes on. you take 9.5% unemployment, earn a dollar bill, $75 million spent against one person, and i'd like to see what your ratings would be. >> yeah, luke. i'd like to see what your -- what your ratings would be. also on capitol hill yesterday, john boehner was unanimously re-elected as leader of house republicans. officially putting him in line to become speaker of the house in january. the senate is set to reconsider next month an end to the military's don't ask, don't tell policy which, of course, bans gays from serving openly in uniform. senate majority leader harry reid says he will call for a vote after thanksgiving, making good on a pre-election promise to resurrect the legislation during the lame duck session. the apole will be part of the defense authorization bill which sets pentagon policy and funding in. a key concession to moderate republicans, reid is expected to allow senators of both parties
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to offer amendments to the bill. a move this could win the support of some -- that could win the support of some wavering members. it's uncertain whether the measure will have enough votes to pass. according to the new poll, 50% of americans believe gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military. that's a 10% jump from a decade ago. a mixed verdict for the first guantanamo detainee to be in front of a court was acquitted. ahmed ghailani was acquitted of the charges of bombings in east africa that left 224 dead. ghailani now faces 20 years to life in prison for conspiracy. new york congressman peter king, the homeland security committee chair in waiting, reacted saying the decision shows why civilian courts should not be trusted to handle cases of al qaeda
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terrorists. >> this verdict was an absolute and disgraceful miscarriage of justice. how this evil terrorist could be acquitted of 284 counts including hundreds of counts of murder and only convicted on one count is -- it shows the absolute insanity of having these civilian trials in the first place. this is a terrible defeat for the obama administration, and it should be a wake-up call once and for all that they should try these cases in guantanamo before military commissions. >> still, supporters of civilian trials point out that ghailani will serve a lengthy sentence and have fewer arguments for appealing his conviction. well, after confirming in "the new york times" magazine piece out this week this she's considering a run for president, sarah palin apparently is taking it one step further. in an abc interview with barbara walters set to air in full next month, palin says she believes she can beat president obama in
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2012. >> i'm looking at the lay of the land now. and trying to figure that out. if it's a good thing for the country, for the discourse, for my family. if it's a good thing. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. >> what do you think she's going to say? of course she's going to say that. in leaked excerpts of her book "america by heart," palin takes aim at her grandson's father, levi johnston and reality tv stars ironically since her daughter is a huge reality star. on levi she writes, "of course we all had to bite our tongues more than once as trip's father went on a media tour through hollywood and new york spreading untruths and exaggerated rhetoric. it was disgusting to watch as his 15 minutes of fame were exploited by supposed adults taking advantage of a lost kid. but we knew him well enough to see how confused he was during that time. and our hearts broke for him and the price he would pay." and her daughter bristol may be featured on "dancing with the stars," but palin bashes another
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reality show. writing "on american idol the self-esteem-enhanced but talent deprived performers eventually learn the truth after after they've embarrassed themselves, they are told in no uncertain terms that they can't sing. but in the wilder world, these instances of hard truth telling are increasingly rare. instead of confronting the limits of their inflated egos when it comes to paying rent and putting food on the table, americans are increasingly told not to worry about it. someone else will provide for them." governor palin weighing in on "american idol." let's take an early look at the markets as we get all up in your business. jeff cutmore is live in london. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. better start to the market trend here in europe, and of course we're all going to be watching what happens with these g.m. shares that have been priced at $33 a share. to the upper end of the range. a little reminder, $50 billion pumped into g.m. by the federal government to support this
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company. filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection way back in june, 2009. they came out of bankruptcy, then they put in their first quarterly proviity in three years back in may, 2010, of course. then we have them going back to the nyse and this ipo that's going to raise around $20 billion depending on whether they trigger some other options. let's point out who's buying this stuff at the moment. little bit of eyebrow raising to know that the chinese through the sic, motor of china group, have decided to take a significant stake. but pension and hedge funds also in there, g.m. factory workers, retirees, and sovereign wealth funds will have a stake. i don't think dan acker son or chris little, the guys running this company now, will be really happy until we see these shares back at something like $49 a share, which would mean the government would then break even in its stake. i'm told $49 is also what it costs these days to fill a 2010
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chevy malibu. back to you. >> thank you very much. let the's hope they get their money -- let's hope they get their money's worth. and live from washington, d.c., this morning, tiger woods launches operation personal redemption. opening a twitter account and writing a column about his mistakes in "newsweek" magazine. we'll have some of the cringy excerpts. nancy pelosi receives fruitcake-themed congratulations on her election yesterday. in an ad from a conservative group. it will warm your heart. that clip and weather when we come right back. by late afternoon, state department spokesman tom reston said police had not yet roached the people's temple community and were proceeding cautiously
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[ snoring ] 5:45 in the morning. at the united states capitol building, this song, "get up" by 50 cent is number one in everybody's ipod. let's check weather from nbc meteorologist, broad way bill karins, back in new york. >> did you have another book party last night? >> it never ends. my own personal celebration of me never ends. >> i get it now. you don't write books for the money, you write it so you can travel and party and drink for four straight months. >> you know, when you have great people like nora adonal willing to thrive -- o'donnell willingto throw you a party, who can argue? what a day yesterday through
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new england and the mid-atlantic. the winds were howling, it was all day long. today it's lighter. the winds are gusty at logan airport. but that should subside through the morning. the winds won't be as bad. temperatures in the 40s. maybe the light winter coat or the heavier fall jacket will be necessary. some hats for the kids. that will be about it for today. temperatures in the mid 50s. all in all not a bad day for this time of november. maybe a sprinkle or shower from syracuse to buffalo. the rest of the country looks nice from dallas all the way down to florida. a little rainy in the pacific northwest with a pretty good sized storm that's going to be impacting california today. as far as the temperatures and everything else goes, today and tomorrow looks rather tranquil. for anyone traveling today or tomorrow including yourself, mr. good night, locking just fine. >> i'm all about the train. i never have problems. >> you'll be the guy asleep on the train, right? >> exactly -- today, yes, i will. bill, thanks a lot. see you tomorrow. now for some sports. no public relations campaign, of course, would be complete without a twitter account. yes, tiger woods joined the
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millions currently using the service. officially tweeting his first message yesterday. very exciting. among them, "yep, it's me. i think i like this twitter thing. you guys are awesome. thanks for all the love." that was not his biggest effort to reach out to the masses in. an essay he or someone representing him for "newsweek" titled "how i redefined victory." he reflects on mistakes and wrote "in part the physical pain from that car accident has long healed, but the pain in my soul, that's more complex and unsettling. golf is a self-centered game, in ways good and bad. so much doped one's only -- depends on one's only abilities. that self-reliance made me think i could tackle the world all by myself. i'm not the same man i was a year ago. you know what, that's a good thing." the word of tiger woods in "newsweek" magazine. actress eva longoria has filed for divorce from her
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husband of three years, san antonio spurs star point guard tony parker. wow. in court filings, longoria cites irreconcilable differences. according to her close friend and "extra" host mario lopez -- yes, the same mario who played a.c. slater on "saved by the bell" -- longoria found hundreds of text messages from a mutual female friend on parker's phone. it doesn't end there. a source close to the situation, whatever that means, tells "sports illustrated" that the mutual friend is, in fact, the wife of parker's former teammate brent barry. the gentleman on the right there. so how did parker respond to the situation on the court? he didn't respond to the divorce, but he just played basketball. scored 21 points on the chicago bulls. a little basket and the foul there. the spurs have won eight consecutive games. that was a really sleazy sports report. you can tell it's kind of light out there. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," sarah
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palin tells barbara walters she can beat barack obama in 2 2012. why doesn't she announce she's running already? the suspense is -- it's kind of kifling us. when we come back, a study finds americans, you know what, they're not that into marriage anymore. we'll try to stick up for the fading institution.
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♪ >>, from citizens united, the conservative group. it's a bad thing to get loved ones pelosi fruitcakes? i've got returning to do. all right. have you heard about the show called "the talk"? it's like "the view" with different women. leah rehmeni, julie chen, sharon osbourne, holley robinson peete, the young woman from "roseanne." all kind of things going on.
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yesterday they got in a discussion about young girls having been suspended for wearing "i heart boobies" bracelets which support breast cancer awareness. miss remini went around with the boobs. >> the downside is that 12 and 13-year-old boys -- >> hello? >> don't get the message that it is to raise awarns about breast cancer and instead it turns sexual. it turns inappropriate. it can turn into -- into teasing and taunting and bullying. >> i like boobies. i like boobies. i want boobies. i want boobies. >> that's what happens. that's what happens. >> boobies! >> look at those hijinx. having been a 12 to 13-year-old young boy, lets mow tell you we are not -- lets me tell you we
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are not aware of breast cancer. we lock in and aren't thinking of the larger issues. one more for you. bristol palin on "dancing with the stars" last night, not the result, just the dance. got a 66-year-old in wisconsin so angry at the world, clearly there was other stuff going on. bristol just set it off. he took his shotgun and shot out his television while he was watching what you're watching right now. the gentleman right here, the 66-year-old, shot out his tv, leading to a standoff with police. he's now been arrested. his bail set at $1,500. he appeared in court in wisconsin. he was upset, the complaint said, that a political figure's daughters was dancing on this show when stephen did not think she was a good dancer. wow. he was that upset about "dancing with the stars." we don't even know what he did when he heard she moved on to next week. still ahead, while you're awake, your inside-the-beltway texts and emails are next.
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